The Lineup

Turning Heads

Kgomotso Neto

Kgomotso Neto Tleane is a dynamic South African photographer with the mouldings of rural life and trimmings of fast paced city living. Born and raised in Ga-Maja, the Johannesburg based photographer creates imagery that effortlessly reflects both the grime and glory of the city he inhabits. Neto’s work ensured his acceptance into the 2018 New York Portfolio Review. This platform gave him the opportunity to get feedback from global industry giants on his work. He is currently freelancing, specialising in portraiture and editorials. His main focus is documenting everyday South Africans.
the film
Street salons, characterised by a single chair on the pavement, have tucked themselves into the fabric of the city of Johannesburg. On pavements, grooming machines hum, playing a part in the chaotic orchestra of the city. Hair extensions flap in the wind— dancers of beauty — a hand frantically weaving a pattern of hair — the hairdresser’s eyes scanning the crowds — hunting for another customer. Hair patterns are weaved into heads, to the soothing touch of the rays of the sun, and the mix of conversations. The idea came from how a lot of us groom ourselves in the streets, in the city and the township. We cut hair, do nails, buy wigs in the streets. It’s always cheap and affordable to get yourself to look good. Its a project about street grooming and self care.

Director: Kgomotso Neto
Music: Muzi - Stimela Segolide
Stylist: Didintle Ntshudisane
MUA: Mamello Mokhele
Model 1: Dimpho Mashile
Model 2: Poelo Mofolo
Editor: Jamie Taylor
Grade: Nic Apostoli
Mix: Sean Jefferis

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