The Lineup

Heartbeat of the City

Ryan Eccleston

Ryan Eccleston is an award winning Photographer/Filmmaker. Born 1980 in St. Andrew, Jamaica. He is an Alumnus of The Art Institute Of Fort. Lauderdale. Where he studied Filmmaking, Broadcasting and Photography. Eccleston’s work has been exhibited at the United Nations HQ,Trinidad&Tobago, Greece, Art Basel Miami, Switzerland and Jamaica. He spent most of his life traveling and living in several countries including the U.S.A , Egypt and Israel. Due to his father's job working with the United Nations. This nomadic childhood allowed him to see and experience different cultures, this bred a curiosity in him. This curiosity informs the way he approaches the subjects he wants to cover. In 2008 Eccleston moved to Ethiopia where he worked for several years as a photographer and cinematography consultant. During his time living in Ethiopia. Eccleston traveled extensively throughout Eastern Africa. Much of Eccleston's work deals with the issues of Identity, culture, faith, economics and legacy.
the film
Downtown Kingston, is the epicenter of trade, commerce and culture in Jamaica’s capital. This city has seen many comings and goings. The one constant has been the Push Cart!. Transporting goods, fruits, food stuff, materials and services, not many think of how important they are. And the men who make them, repair them, rent them and take care of them. And the women who make a living from these said Pushcarts. If they stop, Downtown stops, Kingston stops, St. Andrew stops!!. The Push Cart is the “Heartbeat of the city”. The work looks to investigate the complexities of this industry. The ins and outs of what exactly does it mean to people of Downtown, Kingston, The wider Kingston/St. Andrew and in essence the wider Jamaican society. The vast majority of the population are largely unaware of how important this link is in the supply chain.

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